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who is she?

April Korto Quioh is a writer, comedian and co-host of She's All Fat Podcast.

She grew up in a matriarchal household in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she was inundated with her Liberian immigrant mother's constant morsels of wisdom. Her favorite? "If you don't learn, you will feel." 

She went on to study Television/Film and Sociological Studies at Northwestern University, where she suffered through Proust, wrote terribly pretentious screenplays, drank cheap champagne through a straw, and was still selected as a Class of 2015 Senior to Watch by Northwestern Magazine.

Though she thoroughly enjoyed her college experience, this photograph haunts her to this day.

After graduation, she relocated to the nut-milk-obsessed city of Los Angeles, where she continues to live and write about popular culture, love, her Liberian-American identity and blackness. She has worked on television shows for Netflix, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT and YouTubeRed and has written comedic promotional materials for the films Nobody's Fool, Limited Partners, The Lovebirds and What Men Want. She is currently a writer on the NBC/Hulu comedy, Sunnyside.

She is pictured here, as an infant, beating a white doll with a Bible. This is her truest self.