i'm obsessed

On my podcast She's All Fat, we have a segment called "I'm Obsessed" where we share our favorite music, books, beauty product recommendations, or popular culture moments of the week. Here are a few of my current obsessions.


Some people are sports fanatics. Me? I'm a pop music fiend. Fun fact: I have made a playlist for every season ever since I heard Hoku's "Perfect Day" for the very first time. Teen queen Billie Eilish has been in heavy rotation for months now and I firmly believe she is the future of pop. You can quote me on it! Check out my Winter 2019 playlist here and for more of my carefully curated playlists, click here: 


I consider myself a polyglot. I speak English, enough Spanish to watch Gossip Girl: Acapulco, enough Kpelle (my mother's native tongue) to understand insults, and I'm fluent in meme. There are so many gems currently saved on my phone, but I keep coming back to this glorious moment from the Oscars Mixup of 2017. Oh, the sight of Trevante's hand upon his chest! What glorious shock in Barry Jenkins' frozen forefinger! Reparations in gif form. It feels good.

movies + television

I have been screaming at the top of my lungs about Search Party for two years now. When are people gonna get it?! Search Party is hilarious, daring, mysterious, and so smart. The show asks a question that demands pondering: what defines the millennial generation's sense of morality? And what exactly do we have to prove? Literally, run right now and go watch. Once you're done, catch up on The Good Place, Younger, Strangers, Set it Up and The Bold Type. You're welcome.

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