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She's All Fat is the podcast for body positivity, radical self-love and chill vibes only, hosted by me and my friend and business partner Sophia Carter-Kahn.

I'm so proud of the space we have created together. One where fat womens' experiences remain at the forefront, and where they can literally hear their own voices and stories.

We cover current events, popular culture, personal experiences all with an emphasis on intersectional feminism and body liberation. In our "It's Okay, You Can Ask" segment, we explore our very different identities and I ask Sophie to explain dry shampoo to me. In our "Ask a Fattie" segment, we answer our listeners' burning questions and offer our best anti-chafing tips.

We're two women navigating life one unapologetically fat day at a time. Join us!

word on the street:

"She's All Fat" is the body-positive podcast we've been waiting for." - HelloGiggles

"She’s All Fat is coming into the world at the perfect time… Each week, [SAF] makes the podcast arena more size inclusive."  -  Bitch Media

"The podcast to listen to for radical self-love before that pool party." - Buzzfeed

"The show, which has attracted several thousand subscribers since launching last year, unpacks the unhealthy and ultimately exploitative way that fat people are represented in popular culture, answers questions from listeners, and gives concrete advice on subjects like 'going to the doctor while fat.'" - Vice

You can find more kind words about us here.